There Are Many Double Beds – But Which One Is The Right One?

May 11, 2020

There Are Many Double Beds – But Which One Is The Right One?

A double bed is simply a bed that offers enough space for two people. But beyond that it is much more. It is often the first “real” bed.

Accordingly, the double bed has to meet particularly high demands in terms of design. It becomes the focal point of the bedroom and should enhance its appearance accordingly.

As the name suggests, double beds are generally popular with couples. But double beds are also the first choice for singles who like to have plenty of room in their bed.

What types of double beds are there?

Double beds come in an almost infinite number of variations and shapes. The trend is towards so-called upholstered beds. These are completely covered with imitation leather or fabric.

The upholstered headboard and the fabric-covered edges create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. Among them, the box spring bed is rightly particularly popular.

Due to its suspension it is very comfortable and adapts very well to the body shape. This unique lying sensation is known from high-quality hotel beds, for example.

Which size should I choose?

The Bruno Mattress Double Beds are available in different sizes, check out official website. From a width of 140 cm, one speaks of a double bed. The classic and best-selling size for a double bed is 180×200 cm.

This is also the size that is called a “marriage bed”. As much space one has on this bed, as much space it needs of course also in the bedroom. Therefore, couples who have to pay attention to space requirements often fall back on the size 160×200 cm.

Of course, even more compact is also possible: 140×200 cm is the smallest size among double beds and is also called the “French bed”. Just this size is also very popular with singles or young very couples.

Tip: If you are planning with children, you should rather choose 160 cm wide or even better 180 cm. You also need the right mattress size. If you are unsure which size to choose, our size guide will help you.

Is it better to choose a continuous mattress or two single mattresses for a double bed?

Of course, this decision depends first of all on your personal preference. A continuous mattress offers more comfort, as there is no gap in the middle.

On the other hand, you should not be too sensitive to the movements of a partner. How strongly you perceive the nightly rolling of your partner, however, also depends strongly on the quality of the mattress.

With the right construction and the use of high-quality materials, you will sleep wonderfully on a continuous mattress.

Continuous mattresses for double beds :

  • Mattress in 140×200
  • Mattress in 160×200
  • Mattress in 180×200

The unique box jumping – lying experience

Only a box spring bed can do that. As with our Bruno mattress, there are no degrees of hardness with our box spring bed. Thanks to our sophisticated weight distribution formula, the Bruno box spring bed always adapts optimally to your body weight as long as you weigh between 50 kg and 110 kg.

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