Road transport – Selection guide for automatic sender

July 8, 2018

Road transport – Selection guide for automatic sender

Transporting a car is not something you would entrust to anyone other than professionals. The safety of your expensive possessions is in the hands of car forwarders as soon as you sign the contract and give them the key to it. With this, I’m sure you want to make sure that your car will reach its destination without scratching. Now choosing an auto shipper you can trust is not easy, after all the trust is difficult to gain by. You definitely want to be sure that they know what they are doing and that they will take responsibility in case something happens to your car. Considering that road transport is very competitive and that so many car shippers are germinating on stage, your work becomes difficult. In the midst of too many choices, it seems that you have lost and you can’t make a choice at all. This is exactly the reason why I have written this guide; I want to help you make the smartest choice in choosing a car broadcaster by following the advice I will give here.

Preparation is the key

As with everything, preparation is the key to successful road transport. The first step is to clean your car thoroughly so that you can account for its current state. After cleaning the car you can now clearly see all the scratches, dents and dents. It is good to take pictures of your car and not just trust our unpleasant memories to take into account its current state. Remove anything that may be lost inside the car because you can’t hold the auto shippers responsible for it because they are not allowed to transport any personal or household goods.

An online search for car shippers

biological developments are that you can now find almost everything online. You can use Google to find auto shippers and you can even look further on blogs and forums to see if a company name has achieved a cult fame in this industry. After collecting a few names, call each of them and ask questions about the things that I will present below.

Ask about payment policy

Ask car shippers about the terms of payment. These may vary from company to company, but will usually ask for 25% of the payment in advance and the rest will be paid upon delivery of the car. Cash is very welcome, so it is a cashier’s check. There are companies that will accept credit cards, but they usually charge an additional 2-3% as a handling fee from your credit card company.

Read the small printouts before signing

Reading a shipping contract is very important because, like buying a house or a car, the contract you sign is legally binding and if something happens to your car during the journey, the company will always refer to their terms and conditions before paying for damages. It’s worth knowing what you’re signing up for, so read and understand the agreement, and if you’re not happy, ask a lawyer to explain it to you.

Ask for delivery times

Ask for delivery times, but remember that these are only estimates. Don’t expect your car shipper to be at the point where he gives you the delivery date. To avoid frustration, it is important to understand that car transport is dependent on many unforeseen circumstances, such as how quickly they can fill the truck with cars, how bad are the traffic and the route that they will be in the course of delivery. Many things can fail along the way, so it is very difficult to give a specific delivery date. However, there is a time window in which the auto shipper can still be taken into account for the time when the car is shipped. Ask for this time window and use it as a basis for the waiting period.

Ask for your license and insurance certificate.

To know that you are dealing with a legal company and not with a fly-by-night company, ask for a business licence. You want to make sure that you have the protection of the relevant government agencies when something goes wrong with the shipping process. In addition, you would like to receive a refund in case of damage to your car. This does not mean that things can go wrong, but when it happens, you would like to be protected.

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